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Stella Nail Polish

Don't Be So Koi Vegan Nail Polish

Don't Be So Koi Vegan Nail Polish

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Adorn your nails with the captivating charm of our 'Don't Be So Koi' Vegan Nail Polish. Powerful yet playful in nature like its namesake fish, this vibrant pink hue is sure to beautify your hands while adding a pop of color to any outfit.

This vegan nail lacquer proudly carries a 10-Free label indicating it's free from ten harmful ingredients commonly found in many commercial polishes including Toluene and Formaldehyde resin. Instead we use premium ingredients such as Ethyl Acetate and Butyl Acetate promoting healthy nails without compromising the quality or performance of the polish.

The Quick-Dry formula ensures that you don't need to wait ages for each layer to dry. A few swift strokes on your nails are enough for an even finish and within moments you're ready to flaunt those stunningly painted nails!

To ensure long-lasting wear and prevent yellowing of natural nails typically associated with conventional polishes, we've infused our product with Trimethylpentanediyl Dibenzoate which lends it superior durability along with an impeccable glossy finish.

In addition to being Vegan-friendly by using plant-based components over animal-derived products; this shade also complies perfectly well with everyone seeking cruelty-free cosmetics since no animals were harmed or tested upon during its formulation process.

So why be coy when you can confidently take charge? Embrace 'Don't Be So Koi' - Your perfect partner for expressive style!

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